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Our First Game

Startup Panic

Startup Panic is a casual-simulation game where you build your own social media startup. Starting from creating a platform that no one knows about to become a startup giant that attracts the likes of celebrities and president to join. Depending on how you play, you could exit as a billionaire or lose all your money along the way.

In Startup Panic, you grow by creating a ‘feature’. Starting from making a ‘landing page’ and  ‘registration page’ and then adding more feature that adds values for your users. As your startup grows, you will also need to hire employees, to join exhibition, to pitch your idea to a potential investor and many more. 


Algorocks is an Indonesia-based game studio founded in 2016. Our team consists of 25% artist, 50% programmer, 25% designer, and 25% writer. Our writer’s math skill is not too brilliant. But our game is!


We focus our creativity, tenacity, and energy in crafting simulation games. Currently, we’re developing Startup Panic that is expected to come out in mid-2019. The demo version is up at

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